CC1312 FSK RF Module 14/24/27/30/33dBm, 860-960Mhz,410-510Mhz



  • RF data rate: 0.3 – 200 kbps
  • RF output power: +14/24/27/30/33 dBm(+3.6V)
  • RF sensitivity: -126 dBm
  • Modulation: Narrowband
  • Frequency: 860MHz to 960Mhz
  • (Option:410Mhz-510Mhz,164Mhz-192Mhz)
  • RF pin,IPEX
  • Interfaces: SPI
  • Dimension: 30 x 23 x 3 mm
  • Operating voltage: 2-3.6V


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Low-cost and small size FSK SPI RF transceiver module for transmitting and receiving digital data via radio frequency. All of the N530’s electronics (don’t including an antenna) reside on a single PCB, and all operational power is derived from a single supply voltage.

The transceiver module design consists of a CC1310, low-power, integrated sub 1G transceiver RF chip,all IO pin are brought out.The module available frequence is from 410 to 960Mhz,The hardware is designed for maximum range,1500m + Range (Line of Sight).

  • RF data rate: 0.3 – 1000 kbps
  • RF output power: +14/24/27/30/33dBm
  • RF sensitivity: -124 dBm
  • Modulation: GFSK, FSK
  • Frequency: 860MHz to 960Mhz
  • (Option:410Mhz-510Mhz)
  • RF pin
  • Interfaces: SPI,UART,IIC
  • Dimension: 25 x 19 x 3 mm
  • Operating voltage: 2-3.6V
  • Consumption (Sleep): 1uA
  • RF chip: TI CC1312

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Weight 01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 0.2 cm

+14dBm, +24dBm, +27dBm, +30dBm, +33dBm


860/960Mhz, 410/510Mhz


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